Industry Leaders

What Does It Mean to Be an Industry Leader?

At Rogall Painting, we take the title of “Industry Leader” seriously.

Rather than define this title broadly, we would like to connect it to our work practices, goals, and attributes, showing you how we work hard to live up to it on a daily basis. Not only does this exploration of what it means to be an industry leader clarify our mission and goals as a company, but we hope it also helps you to identify the tangible benefits of trusting us with your home painting, building, or remodeling project.


Many painting and construction companies employ subcontractors rather than building and training their own team. While the issues this can cause may not be immediately apparent, using subcontractors opens the door to lower quality work, a lack of accountability, and overall inconsistency.

We truly believe excellence begins with investing in our team, paying fair wages, offering opportunity for advancement, leadership training, and creating a climate where careers can be enjoyed. There simply are not any local painting companies here in the Central Coast who share these values and our depth of commitment.


We are members of Summit, an elite group consisting of fewer than 60 painting contractors from around the nation. As a member, we utilize cutting-edge systems relating to hiring, training and development, product education, advancement opportunities, safety training, project management, and more. This means that when you work with Rogall, you are experiencing the very best of what the painting and construction industry has to offer today.

Our Team

Building, supporting, and equipping our team is one of our top priorities. In a day and age when painting and construction craftsmanship is a dying art, we offer a place where men and women can learn the trade and earn a good living.

Another benefit of being connected with Summit is that it is a network that supports our efforts to keep pride in our painting and construction craftsmanship alive and well. We want the men and women on our team to be proud and confident in their work, and in the career they are building at Rogall Painting.


Safety is an essential aspect of our service, and it represents the care and respect we have for our team, for you, and for your property.

What does a culture of safety look like?

  • We conduct two "tailgate" safety meetings with each Crew Member each month
  • Monthly company-wide safety meetings
  • Daily job site "Safety Huddles” to identify and discuss any safety concerns specific to each project environment
  • We also conduct at least one safety audit performed by a trained safety officer on each of our projects once per week

At Rogall Painting, we want you to see what it means to work with an industry leader during every step of your project. It is not an ambiguous claim, but a staple of our service.

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