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Rogall Painting, Inc. provides a three (3) year warranty for all residential Interior and Exterior Painting. If any paint failure, including chipping or peeling occurs on any Interior or Exterior painted or stained surface due to workmanship error for the period of three (3) years, we will provide all Labor and Materials to repaint the affected area. This warranty is contingent upon receipt of full payment, as billed, for the work that was completed. 

This warranty excludes all painted or stained horizontal surfaces (i.e. decks, floors, steps, cap rails, horizontal window trim ledges, thresholds, etc.). This warranty excludes coating failure due to rot, dead wood fibers as a result of previous excessive UV exposure to bare wood areas, mold or water damage of any kind, high/elevated moisture content levels in substrate, excessive temperature changes, settlement, acts of nature, insect or pet damage, previous coating failure or abuse, previous repaired/patched sections exceeding ¼ inch deep, repeated abrasion, reoccurring or newly formed cracks in the painted surface and all surfaces painted with customer supplied material. This warranty excludes “nail pops” and/or “cracks” in caulked/patched areas as result of expansion and contraction in wood, plaster and drywall surfaces. This warranty also excludes rust/corrosion/oxidation formation on any and all interior and exterior metal surfaces including nail/screw heads, flashing, deck and railing hardware, metal lights and fixtures, metal garage doors, metal entry doors, etc. This warranty also excludes any action(s) as noted and acknowledged on the “Release of Liability-Unforeseen Conditions” form. Interior and exterior faux/specialized finishes are not covered in this warranty.  Slight fading of bright or deep colors over time is normal and is not considered paint failure.

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