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3 Steps to Restoring Garage Doors in San Luis Obispo County

We recently encountered a classic example of California weathering. A set of beautiful twin garage bay doors had suffered extensively from damage caused by dry weather, direct sunlight, and rainwater damage.

When it comes to hardwood sectional doors like these, it takes some specific techniques and TLC to bring them back to their former glory.


3-Step Renovation for Overhead Garage Doors

  1. Our process involved a careful application of stain remover as the first step. This prepares the surface and ensures that dirt and existing lacquer residue is removed.
  2. The next step is sanding. We used a fine grit to remove the weathered surface layer and expose the bare wood beneath. In addition to sanding around the routed edges in the panels, there were also narrow wooden tines between each window pane.
  3. Lastly, restaining the wood provides a protective seal that rejuvenates the life of the doors. We applied quality stain to seal the wood and help it withstand both moisture damage from heavy rain, as well as weathering from direct sunlight.

Looking Back at Garage Door Restoration


When a homeowner chooses hardwood for their overhead door, they sometimes aren’t aware of the effects that weathering can have on their investment.

While hardwood doors are one of the most attractive garage doors available, they’re also more prone to peeling and cracking from sun damage than vinyl or other synthetic substitutes.

At Rogall, we believe that refinishing should be a part of every homeowner’s maintenance plan. It’s a quick and easy way to maintain both the property value and beauty of your home! We’ve had the pleasure of restoring multiple garage doors to their original condition, and the results are always stunning.

Exterior Renovation and Painting Company in Coastal CA

Are you considering having your garage doors restored? Reach out to your local experts today! We’ll evaluate your doors and help you determine a restoration or maintenance solution that suits your needs.

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