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4 Helpful Features You Won’t Want to Miss During Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to kitchen design during the remodeling process, your attention can be easily claimed by questions regarding general layout, materials, colors, style, budget, and so on…

One thing we would encourage you to keep in mind is your opportunity to add helpful, customized touches. You know, the little things that you might not immediately think of but you’ll be so glad to have. The kitchen is, after all, a very utilitarian space, and seemingly small details that make your life easier can take your update from good to absolutely awesome.

Unique Kitchen Features? Have You Thought of…

Pot Filler

White Kitchen with Bianco Antico Granite, Beveled Arabesque tile

Photo by Karen Viscito Interiors - Search contemporary kitchen pictures

Have you ever needed to add water to a hot pot during a cooking project? Or maybe you’re tired of making trips back and forth from the sink to the stove? A pot filler is an incredibly handy feature, essentially acting as a spigot just over your stove top.

Appliance Garage

Plymouth Kitchen Remodel

Photo by Vetsch Custom Cabinets - More kitchen ideas

Yes, this is just as cool as it sounds.

An appliance garage is a recess built into the wall that offers easy access to smaller appliances that would otherwise clutter your countertop. Coffee pot, blender, toaster, and more can be slid out of sight until duty calls.

Custom Cabinetry

Quail Creek Kitchen

Photo by Paragon Kitchens - Look for transitional kitchen design inspiration

The benefit of working with a professional building and remodeling company (like Rogall Painting) is that rather than be limited to options involving prefabricated cabinetry, you can ask for customized designs that fit and maximize your kitchen.

As an example, a narrow, unused space could be filled with a sliding pantry rack that carries all your go-to spices and herbs.

Hanging Utensil Rack

highland park

Photo by Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc. - More contemporary kitchen ideas

Are there a few cooking utensils that you use over and over again? A hanging utensil rack operates a little like tools hanging on a mechanic’s wall. It keeps things neat, organized, and extremely accessible.

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