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4 Ways to Plan Your Home Remodeling Project in San Luis Obispo County

Under every great home remodeling adventure is a strong foundation of planning.

We could almost put that on a plaque…

It’s easy when you’re planning a building or remodeling project to be swept away in the exciting details: materials, colors, that tub you’ve always dreamed of, your custom-designed deck, and the list goes on. You can fill in the blanks.

Before you jump into the wonderful world of design ideas and options, we’ve got a few questions for you to consider that will make your project just as effective, targeted, and successful as possible.

Important Home Remodeling Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What’s My Budget?

This may seem obvious, but it’s crucial. Work out a realistic figure that can then help dictate exactly which items can be checked off your wish list.

2. What Are My Priorities?

With your budget in one hand, begin a list of priorities. What are the things you absolutely need? What are the items that fall under the category of preferable, but not necessary? Having a list of priorities can be helpful as you work with your building professional; if Priority #2 will cost more than you think, then maybe #4 or #5 can be scaled back or reworked. The goal is to make your dollars go just as far as possible.

3. Have You Looked At What Others Are Doing?

Let’s say a new master bathroom is a must-have. As you begin to plan, it’s extremely helpful to visit websites like Houzz.com where you can take a close look at what others are doing. Specific styles, materials, and features can all be plugged into your priority list.

4. What Kind of Function Do You Need Your New Room to Perform?

This is where it’s important to zoom in closer and determine the little features that will make your new space truly meet your needs. An experienced home builder can help you think of things that might not immediately come to mind, but you can start by considering storage, layout, lighting, and more.

Lastly, Be Sure to Find a Quality Building and Remodeling Company

Finding a creative professional is invaluable. If you live in the San Luis Obispo County area, we hope you’ll reach out to us at Rogall Painting. Our Construction Division offers complete building and remodeling services, making the process just as easy and fun as we believe it should (and can!) be.

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