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5 Tips for Making Sure Your Deck Is Ready for Summer

Before you plan your famous summertime parties, it’s important to make sure your deck is as ready for summer as you are. Even if it looks okay at a distance, a little TLC and investing the time in a closer inspection will keep your deck young, saving you money and time spent on repairs down the road.

1) Clear the Surface

It may be tedious, but completely removing your furniture, grill, and decorations is important. This gives you a clear view of the surfaces and also allows for a more thorough cleaning.

2) Check Your Deck for Dry Rot

Rot can be a serious issue, especially if it’s not caught early. Here are a few tips:

  • Walk - No special tools are required; just your feet. Walk all around the surface of your deck and feel for places where the wood bounces a little or gives under your step.
  • Check - Look for crumbling, weak sections.
  • Poke - Armed with a screwdriver or even a large nail, take a look under your deck for rot by poking the beams, joists between the boards, and the ledger where your deck connects to your home. If the wood gives easily under the tip of your screwdriver, it’s a sign that rot has set in.

If you do have dry rot, we recommend addressing the problem head-on. Having a professional repair the impacted sections is key; dry rot is a fungus that will only continue to spread if left unchecked. In other words, the problem will never go away but will rather get larger every year.


If you use a sprinkler system, make sure it doesn’t reach your deck. Repeated exposure to water can be a problem for decks and for stucco siding. It’s also important to make sure that the gaps between the boards under your feet aren’t plugged; pooled water spells disaster for your wood.

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3) Power Wash Your Deck

Because wood can be easily damaged by the intensely powerful stream, we recommend hiring a professional to power wash your surfaces. The transformation can be amazing as the dirt, mold, and mildew is washed away, and removing these contaminants will only extend the life of your deck’s paint or stain. That’s what we call a win-win!

4) Protecting Your Deck from Sun and Decay

With a freshly-cleaned surface and all the furniture cleared, you now have a perfect opportunity to refresh the paint or stain on your deck. It looks great, and it also will help to inhibit the growth of mold/mildew, dry rot, and decay from the sun’s UV rays.

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