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5 Ways to Protect Your Central Coast Home This Spring

If you follow our blogs and projects, you know that we’re huge fans of maintenance. Repairing something when it’s broken is fine (and even essential), but it’s always more cost-effective to keep it in good condition all along.

From personal health to oil changes for your car, it’s just simpler to invest in a system’s maintenance than rebuild it from scratch.

The same is true for your home’s exterior.

Exterior Home Maintenance - Are These Items On Your Checklist?

To help you save money and efficiently care for your Central Coast property, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Check for Dry Rot

Especially after all the rain we’ve had, dry rot can quickly become a major issue. A thorough inspection and localized repairs are much more cost-effective than ignoring a problem until widespread restoration is needed.

For more about what dry rot is and the dangers it poses, be sure to check out our comprehensive article here.

How Is Your Siding?


Regardless of the material your home is sided with, little weak spots have a tendency to grow. Think of them as gaps in your property’s armor, and these gaps open the door to insects, rodents, moisture, and other intruders.

Typical weak points include areas near your gutters, downspouts, and under your eaves. Those are good places to start!

How About Your Exterior Paint?

Many homeowners don’t realize just how hard paint works. It’s really your home’s first line of defense, acting like a layer of skin. While it may look like you can get another year or two out of your existing paint, we recommend having a professional exterior painter take a closer look. As we mentioned above, repairs, maintenance, and touch-ups provide major savings in the long-run.

Refresh with Pressure Washing


Corrosive contaminants (salt, mold, mildew, pollutants, etc.) build up and eat away at the lifespan of your exterior paint and stains. A professional pressure washing will drastically prolong the life of your surfaces, and provide a clean, refreshed look for the spring and summer months.

Check Your Deck Structure

Routine inspections, repairs, and refinishing will ensure that your outdoor area stays attractive and healthy. Spring is a perfect time to make sure your deck is as ready for the new season as you are.

Connect with a Home Maintenance Professional You Can Trust

Who is your home care and improvement ally? Do your research carefully, looking for a reputable, invested, local expert. You’ll never regret it, and both your home and maintenance budget will thank you.

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