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Building a Wraparound Deck? Keep These 7 Considerations in Mind

There isn’t much that beats the front porch experience during the late summer months! Whether you’re a chair, swing, or front steps kind of person, we can all agree that relaxing out on the deck is a treat.

There are plenty of porch and deck styles out there, and one of the biggest and boldest options is the wraparound deck.

Before we go on, you might want to take a look at our past blog on deck styles. It has some great tips about thinking in terms of traffic flow and planning a deck around what you hope to use it for.

Now, back to wraparounds. As with any deck, placement is key!

Finding the Perfect Placement for Your Wraparound Deck

Because of their size and shape, wraparound decks require just the right placement. This means a little bit of prep work to ensure the area is well suited for a wraparound deck. You’ll want to pay attention to things like:

1-Terrain. Is the ground level? Houses built into hillsides or on sloped ground may need some sitework to prepare for a wraparound deck.

2- Runoff. Does that area receive a lot of rainfall? Consider where your gutters are routed, and make sure the ground isn’t perpetually soggy.

3-Overgrowth. Are there trees, stumps, or other tough objects in the way? You’ll want to scope out an area that’s free of these things up to ten feet away from your home.


4 Ways to take your deck to the next level

1- Privacy. Most folks want to enjoy their wraparound deck without an audience! Keep in mind that the design will extend to two sides of your home, so you’ll want to pick an area that offers enough privacy. Railing options are important too, and can help with privacy!

2- Sunlight. Whether you want to keep cool or soak up the sun, both of these will affect your deck placement. Consider choosing a space that gets a natural mixture of sunny exposure and shade throughout the day. You can also explore options like pergolas and sun shades.

3- Access. Is your deck going to serve as a dining area? If so, think about placing it near your kitchen for the most convenience. It also helps to visualize things like seating, cooking stations, and outdoor furniture early on.

4- Entertainment. What good is a deck without some outdoor bliss? When it comes to fun, the options are endless. Rig up an outdoor entertainment or sound system and enjoy yourself in the shade, or install a hot tub for the cooler nights. It’s your porch, make the most of it!

Professional Deck Installers in San Luis Obispo County

If you’re ready to change the look and feel of your house and improve your property value, a wraparound deck might be just what you need. First, you’ll want to talk to the local residential construction team you can trust!

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