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A Growing Home Painting and Remodeling Company in Morro Bay

If you follow our social media outlets, you may have already seen a few photos taken during a recent special event. Specifically, we celebrated a ribbon cutting and open house at our Morro Bay location. It was a wonderful time of connecting with the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce, Rogall employees, and customers, all while enjoying delicious food, drinks, and conversation.

What could be better?

What Was the Significance of This Event for Us at Rogall Painting & Construction?

On one hand we were certainly celebrating our freshly-remodeled office here in Morro Bay.

This location has helped us to become better poised for growth and outreach in our surrounding communities. Beyond simply keeping our own work schedule full, we also are using this position to better the places we live as well. To be more specific, Rogall Reaches Out is our fresh initiative to give back through donating time, labor, and expertise to those in need. For example, we recently donated a couple of weekends to working with Habitat for Humanity (more on this soon!).

This growth has also allowed us to better invest in our own team, creating career positions for our group of incredibly talented people. We are fortunate to have them! And, these are the same folks that are the arms and hands of Rogall Reaches Out, giving time after long weeks of work to better someone else’s situation.

Finally, we’re excited to be where we are because this is an exciting time for Morro Bay itself. The local communities here are on the brink of a fresh chapter of growth, and we are thrilled that the Rogall team will be able to add to the narrative.

Would You Like to Learn More About Rogall?

If so, we invite you to visit not only our page dedicated to Rogall Reaches Out, but also to visit our blog and Industry Leader overview. This will provide insight into who we are and what our goals are as a company.

And, of course, we also invite you to contact us directly. We would love to hear from you!

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