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Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Ideas for the Central Coast

Hot on the heels of kitchen design, bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects today.


First, and on a practical note, bathroom updates yield tremendous ROI (return on investment). They offer long-term value for homeowners, making them a real investment just as much as a benefit to daily life.

Secondly, bathrooms have become more than just a utilitarian space, and are being transformed into an at-home oasis. To meet the demand, there are more luxury materials and features on the market than ever before, and home design professionals are installing truly spa-like amenities.

With all of that said, we thought we would offer you a quick look at some of the hot features and design trends that are finding their way into homes like yours throughout the Central Coast area.

What Are the Popular Bathroom Remodeling Trends?

  • Showers Over Tubs - While jacuzzis still enjoy a place of respect, more and more homeowners are choosing walk-in showers over large tubs. Why? Here are just a few reasons: less water is used, the footprint is often smaller, a luxury shower is instantly ready to use, and they are a great option for those with mobility issues since they don’t have a threshold to step over.
  • Wet Rooms - Taking the idea of a master bathroom a step further, wet rooms are essentially an enclosed space where the shower is behind a single wall and flush with the rest of the bathroom. A centralized drain takes care of the water.
  • Steam Showers - Remember how we mentioned that people are looking for spa-like experiences right in their own home? A personal steam shower is one way to make this possible, and it offers numerous health benefits as well.
  • Technology - From remote-controlled showers to water-resistant music systems, the possibilities for custom touches are almost endless.
  • Lighting - Lighting isn’t just seen as an essential feature, but a real design element. Your bathroom remodeler can help you navigate your options for custom lighting, delivering the blend of style and function that you need.
  • Creative Cabinetry - Have you ever heard anyone complain about having too much bathroom storage? We haven’t either. Clever cabinetry is popular, making use of even unique angles and nooks in your bathroom. As a side note, this is a benefit of working with a remodeler who can build rather than simply install cabinetry. A functional, beautiful bathroom is made possible when you can add custom touches that really meet your needs and fit the space.

Wicker Park Renovation 1

Photo by Stonebridge Development Group - Browse transitional bathroom photos

Do You Need Help with Your Bathroom Building or Remodeling Project?

Our final bit of advice is to find a professional who makes you feel comfortable and confident as you walk through the process. Look for a builder with experience, a dedicated team, and a track record of quality work.

If you live in the Central Coast area, we hope you will reach out to us at Rogall Painting. Our specialized Construction Division can make your bathroom concept a stunning reality you’ll appreciate every day.

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