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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your San Luis Obispo County Home

Choosing exterior paint colors for your home is one of those tasks that seems like it should be easy, but has the potential to really bog you down. This is especially true if you visit a paint store and peer down what feels like mile after mile of paint swatches…

The options are limitless, and suddenly choosing a color is incredibly difficult.

Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this tricky… or stressful. We have a few tips for skipping the headache and efficiently finding an option that works for your specific home.

Color Selection Tip #1: Look Around Your Neighborhood

Inspiration might be right around the corner, or even next door.

We don’t believe homes should be cookie-cutter structures in most cases (let your personality shine!), but selecting colors that flow with the neighborhood is often appreciated. Take a look around and make notes about what you like and what you don’t, from shutter color to doors, trim, and accents.

Tip #2: Consider Your “Fixed Colors”

Roof color, architectural features, and stonework are all examples of fixed colors. In short, these are elements of your home that you can’t simply switch out, paint, or change on a whim. They’re fixed, and your paint colors need to be chosen around them. Rather than think of this as a limitation, try thinking of it as a helpful way to narrow down your color selection options.

Tip #3: Forget the Swatches

Swatches can be helpful, but here’s the major limitation: you can’t see what they look like on your home at different times of day. Color seems to come alive after it has been applied, and that just can’t be captured on a tiny cardboard square.

We recommend narrowing down to a few colors you are very interested in, then applying a sample of the actual paint to your home’s exterior in an inconspicuous place. See what it looks like throughout the day and make sure you truly love it.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of Your Home Improvement Resources

We can’t emphasize enough how helpful it can be to use sites like Houzz.com. You can visit our Houzz page here, or begin browsing exterior paint examples here. Whether you search with broad terms or pinpoint specific colors, this is a wonderful way to see examples of what people are doing with their homes.

Tip #5: Talk to a Reputable Home Painter

If you have any questions about the exterior painting process, why not contact us at Rogall Painting? It would be our pleasure to serve you!

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