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Choosing Paint Colors That Add Value To Your Home

If you follow our blog, you know that we’ve lately been focusing a lot on color and color selection. It’s a hugely important topic, and one that we have special appreciation for as professional house painters. We know firsthand what the right colors can do for a home, and what the wrong colors can do, too (the stories we could tell...).

You can catch any articles you may have missed right here:

Today, let’s focus on tips for choosing colors that add real, tangible value to your home.

How Can You Get the Most Value Out of Your Interior Painting Update?


  • Focus On High-Value Spaces - If painting your entire interior isn’t possible, turn your attention first to the rooms and surfaces that offer the greatest return on investment: kitchens, bathrooms, common areas, and dated/damaged finishes.

  • Choose Universally-Appealing Colors - While neutrals like white are extremely versatile and popular, they aren’t your only option. Earthy neutrals have a bit more personality but are still appealing, as well as colors like soft blues and greens. The key is really to avoid bright or offbeat colors if your home is going on the market anytime soon - you may love them, but could they be a turn-off to a prospective buyer?

  • Cabinets and Shelving - Do you have dated cabinets in your kitchen, or dark built-ins that absorb space and light in your living room? Talk to your professional painter about updating these colors with something a bit brighter and more marketable.

Did you know...

Research by Zillow.com revealed that homes with light blue bathrooms typically sold for $5400 more than expected? Blue might not be a magical price influencer, but it is proof that colors matter. In fact, the report, featured by MarketWatch, also stated that colors like yellow, pink, and brown could adversely impact selling prices...

No rules are hard and fast, but it is interesting food for thought!

Partner with a Painting Company You Can Trust

We encourage you to talk to your professional residential painting company, and discuss your greatest opportunities for boosting value and marketability. Color is a powerful thing!

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