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Color Selection Made Easy! Tips from a Residential Interior Painter

In our experience as residential painters, most homeowners are excited about the transformative process and potential that interior painting offers. Whether the update includes your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen (especially kitchens!), the enthusiasm is contagious.

One tripping point, however, can be the process of color selection.

After all, you want to get this right, especially if you’re investing in professional painting services. But if you spend any amount of time in a paint supply store, you’ll quickly realize that choosing a color just isn’t all that simple. Your perfect option is definitely out there, but it might be hiding within a million tiny swatches and squares.

We have some good news. You ready?

Color selection doesn’t have to be stressful. Keep these practical tips in mind and never lose your painting enthusiasm or project momentum.

How Do You Pick an Interior Paint Color?


#1 Ask your painter about color selection services

Professional painters in many cases don’t just apply paint, but can help you pick the perfect colors as well. If they don’t have someone on staff to lend colorful expertise, they likely have a local pro that they can recommend and bring into the conversation. This is the very best way to discover ideas, trends, and possibilities you might never find otherwise.

#2 Utilize resources like Houzz.com

Houzz is an incredible online resource for all things home improvement. Set up a free account, then spend all the time you’d like exploring gorgeous photos, helpful articles, Q&A forums, and more. Oh, and while you’re there, be sure to follow our page too!

#3 Ditch the swatches

Holding a cardboard square to a wall will never give you the insight you need.

Pick a few top colors, then go ahead and apply them. Why not? You’ll be painting soon anyway, right? Seeing them in place, dry, and interacting with your room and lighting is invaluable.

#4 Draw a Color from an Element Already In Your Room

Photo by Jamie Keskin Design 

As an example, check out this article from Houzz.

These homeowners drew all of their interior color inspiration from a painting they loved. What an awesome idea! And, it’s a proven technique that many professional designers and color experts promote. It doesn’t have to be a painting, though. How about a rug, decoration, or piece of furniture?

#5 Remember your fixed elements

Brick fireplaces, architectural elements, and other “fixed colors” are those attributes of a space that need to be considered first and foremost. Your paint color has to get along well with these features. Rather than see this as a limitation, see it as an opportunity to narrow your options and get you that much closer to the best color.

It All Starts with Finding the Right Painting Professional

A helpful professional can navigate these waters right alongside you, knocking obstacles and barriers out of the way as you go.

If you live in San Luis Obispo County, we hope you’ll contact us at Rogall Painting! It would be our pleasure to put our experience and services to work for you and your home.

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