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Complete Interior Painting in Nipomo - And Don’t Miss These Cabinets!

Painting a room or two is a fun and powerful way to refresh the style in those particular spaces. But, if you have the opportunity to paint all of the surfaces throughout your home, it creates a particularly incredible transformation.

As a case in point, we’d like to take you on a quick tour of an interior painting project we finished recently. This property, set against the stunning backdrop of a Nipomo golf course, was ready for paint, and the results are amazing.

Quality Painting Starts With Quality Preparation

Have you ever heard a professional painter refer to “surface prep”? It can be kind of an ambiguous term.

In short, the key to a long-lasting, beautiful finish is investing time in preparing the surface for paint. Making necessary repairs, scraping, removing old finishes, sanding, patching, and cleaning are all examples of invaluable prep work.

In this particular home we created a flawless canvas for the new interior paint by skim coating the walls. Achieving a perfectly smooth finish through this technique is an art form, and our Rogall Drywall Crew certainly showed their expertise.

Cabinet Painting in This Nipomo Home

In addition to painting the walls, we also painted the cabinetry throughout the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. Our Fine Finish Interior Crew worked hand-in-hand with the interior decorator, creating the perfect look with a high-end, solid color, pigmented conversion varnish.

What do you think of how they turned out?

Transforming the surfaces in and around your home into a work of art is something that we are passionate about here at Rogall Painting. If you have any questions about our painting services or about your project in particular, why not contact us? It would be a pleasure to talk with you!

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