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Creating a Timeless Kitchen? Here Are 6 Elements to Consider

There’s a lot to love about building a trendy kitchen. They are, after all, trendy, and it’s fun to put together different elements that represent the cutting-edge of style. It’s a little like turning the cover of a home design magazine into reality.

Major home improvement networks ramp up the fun by transforming the old, closed, and drab into massive, beautiful kitchen spaces in countless tv shows. This makes our imaginations run even a little more wild.

All of this is awesome. We love staying abreast of the latest styles and trends, and helping our clients implement them.

We also know, however, that many of our clients are looking for a long-term investment, and want a kitchen that isn’t going to be any less stylish ten years from now than it is when they walk into it for the first time.

This leads us to a crucial question: what are the timeless styles that will serve you and your kitchen remodeling dollars the best?

Kitchen Styles That Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Mascheroni Construction

Photo by Mascheroni Construction - More traditional kitchen ideas

#1 Shaker-Style Cabinets

Painted or natural, shaker cabinetry has been around a long, long time, and it’s easy to see why. There is a beautiful simplicity in the lines that flies right over turbulent trends.

Would you like to learn more about shaker cabinets? Take a look at this summary (complete with beautiful examples) from Houzz.com.

#2 Stone Countertops

Granite is still a timeless go-to option, and marble also plays a stylish role (although it has its limitations). More durable and popular countertop materials typically offer a solid return on investment as they are staples of quality kitchen construction.

For a fantastic overview, click over to this summary of countertop options from Gerety Building & Restoration.

#3 Neutral Paint Colors

Home Remodeling in Cayucos

Photo by Rogall Painting, Inc. - Discover traditional kitchen design ideas

For cabinetry and walls, lighter, inviting neutrals stand the test of time. One benefit of interior painting, however, is that you can walk on the trendier side and still make a change without incurring too much cost. Paint is certainly less expensive than replacing cabinetry, sinks, flooring, countertops, etc.

#4 Glass Cabinet Doors

Not only are they beautiful, but glass cabinet doors also create the illusion of more space and openness. Combined with custom lighting, this can be a truly stunning addition to any kitchen space.

#5 Subway Tile

Functional, attractive, and unique, subway tile is the go-to backsplash option. If you crave variety, try mixing up the pattern of your tile, ditching the traditional horizontal lines. You also could talk to your kitchen remodeler about using a unique grout color for an even more customized look.

#6 Storage and Function

Some kitchens look beautiful from a distance, but when you try to make anything more complicated than a fried egg, they just fall flat. A kitchen that is built for use, not just style, will always be appreciated. Talk to your kitchen designer about how to increase function, maximize space with custom cabinetry and storage, and make sure that there is a home for everything you need.

The Common Denominator: Talk to a Kitchen Design and Remodeling Professional

A true professional can help you think of everything, ensuring that your kitchen functions, feels, and looks just as you’d like it too. And, with long term value and style longevity in mind, they can guide you to the right material and color choices as well.

Happy remodeling!

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