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How Do You Paint an Ombre Accent Wall? Tips from a Professional Painting Company

Accent walls themselves are nothing new. Homeowners here in the Central Coast area have enjoyed the personality and extra dose of interior paint color that they provide for a long, long time.

As often happens in the residential painting world, however, a modern spin on a timeless idea has elevated the accent wall and unlocked a new level of potential.

What Is an Ombre Accent Wall?

A traditional accent wall is one solid color, acting as a sort of anchoring point for a room. Technically speaking, an ombre wall can be one color as well, or else you can pick multiple similar colors. Really, it’s up to your own creative vision.

Either way, the process of creating an ombre accent wall typically involves progressively changing the gradient tone of the paint from dark to light. The result is a stunning visual transition that adds gorgeous depth and unique character to your home.

How Do You Create the Ombre Paint Effect?


Here are the steps one of our craftsmen recently took to create this ombre wall for a local client:

  • First, he protected the surrounding area with tight masking and drop cloths

  • He then selected four different colors from the same page of his color fan deck (you can find your own color inspiration online, a paint store, or by talking to your local painting company)

  • His tool of choice was a paint sprayer, avoiding lap lines from a roller or brush

  • He sprayed the darkest color on the bottom first, then incrementally worked his way up with the four colors

Talk To Your Local Interior Painting Contractor About Your Own Ombre Wall

If you live in the San Luis Obispo County area, we hope you’ll contact us at Rogall Painting. It would be a pleasure to serve you and your home.

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