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How Do You Switch from Dark to Light Wall Colors?

Have you ever accidentally put a white dress shirt on over a dark t-shirt? It’s happened to all of us. You rush to get ready, think that you’re all set to head out the door, do a final check in the mirror, and suddenly see that your black tee is totally visible under your white outer shirt.

Switching interior paint colors can create a similar scenario. Whether you inherited a dark paint color on your walls or maybe loved it at one point but now need a change, transitioning to a lighter paint can be a little tricky. It just doesn’t seem to want to be hidden.

Never fear! With the right tips and tricks you can make a clean, hassle-free switch, and we just happen to have those tips and tricks for you here.

Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Walls Before You Paint

This is an important step for any project, regardless of your painting goals. Creating a clean, receptive surface makes the entire process go more smoothly, and can extend the lifespan of your new paint too. Who doesn’t want that?

Be sure you:

  • Repair - A little spackle will work wonders, and is a simple chore.
  • Sand - Lightly sanding the surface helps to scuff the existing finish just slightly. This creates a grippier, more friendly home for your new paint.
  • Wash - No matter how clean your house is, dirt and dust finds its way onto almost every surface. And, they both get in the way of smooth paint adhesion. Be sure to dust your walls with a damp cloth or sponge, then allow them to fully dry.

Should You Use a Primer When Switching Wall Colors?

In the case of a drastic jump, especially from darker to lighter, you absolutely should use a primer. It will make your life much, much easier. As an added benefit, take advantage of tinted primers. You can either have it custom-tinted to a just slightly lighter shade of the final topcoat, or a light grey works well too.

Regardless, the primer offers both excellent coverage and a way to essentially erase that dark color. This is also a more cost-effective option than paying for coat after coat after coat of your new wall color.

Pro Tip:

As tempting as it might be to rush through the process, be sure to let every coat fully dry before moving onto the next. This will actually save you time in the long-run, and will create a smoother, more complete finish.

Can We Help with Your Next Interior Painting Project?

If so, it would be our pleasure to lend a hand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!
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