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Interior Painting in Nipomo - Creating a Custom Color Scheme for a Stunning New Home

While our work in the painting and construction industry brings us to a wide variety of properties, there is something particularly fun about filling a brand new home with color for the first time. This is exactly the opportunity that we recently had in Nipomo. Our client’s gorgeous, 4,000 sq ft house was just built, and they asked us to develop a color scheme with them to accentuate the stunning features and unique architecture.

Let’s take a look at a few of the key features! Just, if you don’t mind, wipe your feet before coming inside. You know, new carpet and all that…

Choosing a Paint Color for the Kitchen

Paint in the kitchen has a lot of responsibility, as odd as that may sound. It needs to look beautiful, be durable, and also play well with the colors and textures of the other materials in the space. When we helped the homeowner choose a color for this kitchen, our primary goal was to pick something that accentuated the cherry cabinets. They're more than worthy of the spotlight.

There's a warm, relaxed flavor in the kitchen, and the walls are certainly a key ingredient.

Painting Tray Ceilings

To unlock the full potential of tray ceilings, it is essential to paint them in a way that allows their depth to be apparent. If we hadn't included this deep, rich color and the crisp, white molding, this unique ceiling would simply blend in and all the impact would be lost.

With the recessed lighting included as well, this is a stunning design feature.

Isn't This a Beautiful Stairway?

The stair rails were another aspect of the home that our client wanted to accentuate, and for good reason. The graceful blend of lines, color, and the way the paint complements the varnish used on the railing all come together nicely.

It was truly a pleasure to bring this lovely home to life with well-chosen interior paint, and we wish the owners all the best in the years ahead. We're also thrilled to have been able to complete the project nearly a week ahead of schedule.

If you have any questions about our painting or remodeling services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk with you!

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