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Is An Outdoor Kitchen Right for Your Central Coast Home?

Here in San Luis Obispo County, we have the benefit of enjoying mostly pleasant weather year round. Unlike in the snowier corners of the country, your outdoor oasis can be used throughout the year (as long as it’s not raining), providing huge potential for expanding your functional living space right out into the fresh air.

While decks and patios have always been popular for kicking back and relaxing with friends and family, many local homeowners are taking things to a new level by installing outdoor kitchens. If you’re considering this kind of investment for your own home, here are a few helpful thoughts/tips to keep in mind.

What Does an Outdoor Kitchen Look Like? It’s Up to You!

Photo by Archadeck of Charlotte 

If you browse a site like Houzz.com to scout out potential kitchen materials and designs, you’ll quickly find images that look like a cook’s paradise. Or anyone’s paradise, really. Stone surfaces, fountains, high-end appliances, mountain views, stainless steel, etc...

If that’s what you’d like, go for it!

But, it is important to remember that your outdoor kitchen can be just as diverse and customized for your needs as an indoor kitchen. While it can be glamorous and high-end, it also can be simple and budget-friendly. After all, it really is just a more permanent, functional, and convenient way to enjoy outdoor cooking.

4 Questions to Ask Before Building Your Outdoor Kitchen

Photo by Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens
  • What’s My Budget? - Just like an interior kitchen remodel, it’s important to think through exactly what you want to spend, and then approach your professional builder with that figure as a goal. It can help to drive and direct the following conversations, plan development, and choices of material.

  • How Do I Need It to Function? - Do you need a nearly commercial kitchen space, equipped to entertain, feed, and accommodate large weekend crowds? Or do you need a basic stove/grill, countertop, and storage?

  • Which Appliances Do I Need? - Refrigerator? Stove/oven? Cooktop? Grill? Sink? The possibilities are endless.

  • How Many People Does It Need to Fit? - This also includes seating space. Remember, your outdoor kitchen and sitting/dining area will likely all be connected since the purpose is to keep entertaining in the fresh air. Considering the traffic pattern and volume is important. In other words, as people come and go from your home, will the layout of your kitchen space be conducive to family and friends?

Don’t Forget to Allocate Some of Your Budget to Ambiance

Finishing touches are important, including lights, sound systems, outdoor entertainment, etc... Whether it’s a fully-equipped tv or a few basic speakers to add music to the mix, be sure to leave a bit of the budget for these comfortable touches.

Work with a Home Remodeling Professional You Can Trust

Step 1 is really to find a professional builder that you enjoy working with and can trust with your project. If you live in the San Luis Obispo County area, we hope you’ll contact us at Rogall Painting & Construction! It would be our pleasure to discuss your needs, goals, budget, and possibilities with you.

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