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Is More Expensive Paint Really Better? Tips for Home Painting in San Luis Obispo County

The process of painting undeniably raises a lot of questions.

What color should you choose? Should you call a professional painter or try to tackle the project yourself? Is Celery Green anything like Pistachio Sunrise (we made that color up, in case you couldn’t tell)? Will this dry the way you want it to? How many pizzas should you order for your friends, and how many friends will actually show up to help?

You might also stumble across another vital question: why is there such difference in paint cost, and is more expensive paint really worthwhile?

This is a fantastic question! Let’s start by taking a closer look at paint itself.

What Exactly Is In Your Paint?

Keeping things on a basic level, there are three primary ingredients in your paint formula:

  1. Resin - This is the binding agent that holds everything together
  2. Pigment - The actual color
  3. Solvent - This is the filler, or transport system, that carries the resin and pigment

Now, here’s the important thing to realize: while both the bargain-basement paint and the premium brands share these ingredients, there is a tremendous difference in their quality and performance.

How so, exactly?

Lower-quality paint typically has more solvent, leaving less room for resin and pigment. This means that when it evaporates, less is left behind resulting in thinner coverage. Also, the resins (remember those binding agents?) simply do their job more effectively in quality formulas, meaning that the finish is longer-lasting.

Finally, better pigment equals more vibrant, enduring color. That’s incredibly important!

What Are the Benefits of Using Quality Paint?

Here’s a quick overview:

  • More even coverage
  • Durability
  • Fewer coats are needed
  • More attractive
  • Fewer fillers
  • Finer pigments

Ironically, spending less initially on low-grade paint can actually cost you more in the long-run. How? Well, you’ll need more product to achieve a decent finish, and you’ll also need to repaint sooner than you would if you had used a better product from the start.

Are You Looking for a Quality Painting Company?

As you can probably tell, the team here at Rogall Painting, Inc. believes in doing the project well for the sake of a beautiful, high-performance result. If you have questions about your residential painting project, why not give us a call? It would be a pleasure to serve you!

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