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Is Your Deck Ready for Summer? Tips from a Deck Building Contractor

Summer is just days away, and there are parties to plan, reunions to hold, grill techniques to perfect, and memories to make. 

And, probably a lot of those events are going to happen right on your own back deck.

With all of these awesome things ahead, now is the time to make sure your deck is looking its best and is up to the challenge. After all, the last thing you want is for a serious wood rot problem to rear its head before a party, or to get splinters every time you run out to the grill to rotate your kababs.

Why Is Deck Refinishing So Important?

A refinished deck looks awesome, but the value goes deeper than that.

  • UV Protection - Did you know that stain acts like sunscreen for your home’s exterior wood surfaces? Especially here in the San Luis Obispo County area where the sun can get pretty intense, this is invaluable.

  • Protects Against Moisture Intrusion - A healthy coating of well-applied stain locks out moisture, limiting the risk of wood rot and premature decay. That’s a big deal!

  • Keeps Pests Out - Pests, like termites and ants, are always looking for an easy point of entrance. Stain makes your surfaces much less inviting, and harder to access.

In addition to the points above, routinely inspecting and refreshing your deck is an ideal way to catch any issues early. The longer a problem like wood rot is allowed to grow, the larger your repair process becomes. It’s always more cost-effective to proactively protect your outdoor living space than it is to bring it back from a decayed state.

How Do You Refinish a Deck?

Let’s take a look at a real-life example!



This local client had a tired, weathered deck that was definitely ready for a little TLC. Here’s the process we followed:

  • First, we applied one coat of a product that is specially formulated to remove the existing stain and sealer

  • Next, we scrubbed it really well with a brush, then rinsed it down with a garden hose to remove the old stain completely

  • We then applied one coat of wood revive to draw out the original character and natural color of the wood, followed by another round of rinsing

  • Finally, we lightly sanded the deck, then applied one coat of Armstrong’s oil-based stain with a redwood tone

A healthy deck is a beautiful thing!

Deck Refinishing Services in San Luis Obispo County - Contact Us Today!

It would be our pleasure to help make sure your deck is just as ready for a busy summer as you are. Contact the Rogall Painting & Construction team today!

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