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Would Painting Floor Lines Benefit Your Commercial Facility?

If you work in a warehouse or production environment, you already know just how important line striping is.

If, on the other hand, you are considering whether or not to invest in painting or refreshing your floor lines, here are a few practical benefits to consider:

  • Safety - Painted floor lines essentially act like lanes on a street, turning what could be a dangerous intersection into a clearly-defined, organized system of traffic. The flow of machinery and pedestrians in your facility can roll on unhindered.
  • Organization - Line striping and bin marking allows space to be utilized efficiently. Everything has a place and there is a place for everything.
  • Efficiency - Maintaining order in your industrial or commercial space allows for your operations to continue smoothly.

A Closer Look at Painting Floor Lines in Paso Robles, CA

This large line striping job we completed for a local winery really involved two important processes.

First, we began by precisely laying out and defining where the lines would go. Phill and Paul, members of one of our Carpentry Teams, did a phenomenal job.

Masking and preparing the surface was next on the to-do list. The painting crew, led by Juan and Jeremy, were in charge of this process.

We then striped all of the lines with a bright, two-part epoxy product. This allows for not only very visible striping but also a finish that will last. After all, it's crucial that floor striping in a facility like yours is able to stand up to foot traffic, machinery, cleaning, impact, and whatever other forms of daily wear and tear you send its way.

Here a few in-progress shots of other spaces we defined with custom line striping.

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