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Garage Door Refinishing in Cambria - Why Is This Such a Worthwhile Project?

When it comes to exterior home improvement projects, two primary goals should leap to mind: make it look great and add as much value as possible. When you can make your home more attractive and also know that the invested dollars will someday land back in your pocket, well, that’s truly a mission accomplished!

So what exactly are these high-value projects? It can depend quite a bit on your specific home, neighborhood, and areas of need. Exterior painting is certainly a contender, as is landscaping, replacing wood rot, and building/repairing a deck.

Here’s another for you to keep in mind: refinish your garage door.

Why Is Refinishing Your Garage Door So Valuable?

Garage door replacement offers one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project today. They really can make or break the aesthetic of your home, acting as either a rumbling eyesore or an attractive, complementary component of your property’s style.

Before you consider a full replacement, consider refinishing (or painting). Here are a few reasons why:

  • Refinishing is cost-effective - In many cases, refinishing can help you save while still enjoying a radical transformation.
  • Surface protection - Our California sun is a real asset in many ways, but it can be tough on our exterior surfaces (for our homes too!). Painting and refinishing will add that crucial layer of protection.
  • Quick way to add curb appeal - When you pull into the driveway, the first thing you typically see is the garage door. Is that a positive or negative thing? This is especially important to consider if you’re selling your property anytime soon.

Garage Door Refinishing in Cambria - A Quick Case Study!

Our Cambria client’s garage doors, though badly in need of attention, were undeniably beautiful. We knew the wood, framed by the earthy colors of the brick, could be nothing short of gorgeous with the right touch.

The Rogall team got to work, unlocking the potential hidden behind the decay and worn finish. It was truly a pleasure!

Can We Help with Your Home Improvement and Maintenance in the Central Coast?

Our team is here to help, from painting to remodeling to custom deck design and construction. Contact Rogall Painting today, and let’s improve your home’s beauty, function, and value together.

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