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Popular Deck Railing Systems for the Central Coast

When you think about your deck’s design, what comes to mind? Maybe space? Square-footage? Layout? Features? Furniture?

These are all great answers, and are critical to consider as you best determine exactly what you need from your customized outdoor space. As you weigh your options, however, we have one more opportunity to keep in mind.

Your railing.

There are more possibilities than you might immediately realize, and selecting just the right system for your specific situation can take your deck from good to great.

Why Choose a Cable Rail System for Your Deck?

Contemporary Deck

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The beauty of a cable rail system is found primarily in the fact that it doesn’t obstruct your view. After all, few things are more disappointing than sitting down in your favorite outdoor chair and suddenly discovering that the ocean view disappears behind your railing’s lumber. Cable systems allow the view to be accessible from every angle, high or low.

The only word of caution that goes along with choosing a cable railing is that small children and pets may require a bit more supervision. Unlike more solid systems, vertical or horizontally run cables can be easier to climb and/or squeeze through.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Glass Deck Railing?

Dylan Martin Homes

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Glass deck railings are also popular, and for a few very good reasons:

  • Unobstructed View - Like cable systems, glass offers a level of transparency you can enjoy from sunup to sundown.
  • Safety - Made from thick, extremely durable glass, you can enjoy a solid barrier of protection.
  • Shields Against the Wind - As nice as a breeze can be, it’s often pleasant to have a break from the wind.

How about the cons?

Aside from being more expensive than a standard wood railing, glass does require routine cleaning. It shouldn’t be a perpetual issue, but does call for frequent refreshing in order to be just as visually appealing as possible.

Wood Railings for Your Central Coast Deck

Classical Japanese Meets American Techno-Luxe

Photo by Decker Bullock Sotheby's International Realty - Look for Asian deck design inspiration

Here are a few of the benefits of a more traditional wood railing:

  • Can be built either vertically or horizontally
  • Flows visually with the rest of the deck
  • Can offer privacy, as needed
  • Safe
  • No special cleaning or maintenance is required

As we touched on above, the primary drawback to wood railings is the fact that they can block your view. They also do, of course, require the general care, treatment, and preventative maintenance that any of your home’s wood surfaces call for.

Should You Choose a Wood, Glass, or Cable Railing System for Your Deck?

This can be a tough choice! Our suggestion is to take a look at the pros and cons we’ve listed above and compare them to your budget, deck goals, and specific situation. For example, if you don’t have a view that you are wild about but you do have an adventurous toddler, a cable railing system might not be the right fit for you. Or, if privacy is your goal, a solid wood railing might fit the bill. Consider your specific needs and you’ll inevitably be led to the right system for your home. The important thing is to realize that you have options!

If you live in the Central Coast and have more questions about your deck system, why not contact us at Rogall Painting? Deck design, construction, and maintenance is a specialty of ours, and it would be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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