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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2017

Are you planning a cabinet painting project? Maybe you love the overall layout of your kitchen, but just need to update that standard, honey-oak color with something a bit more custom.

Or, maybe you’re dreaming of a full kitchen remodel with handmade cabinets and maximized storage and design. And, of course, topping it all off with the perfect color. That’s the fun of kitchen improvements, right? It’s a project where function, style, and preference all come together.

To get you inspired, here’s a closer look at cabinet color trends; what homeowners like you are picking for their homes, and why.

What Are the Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors?

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There’s really a split-decision between white and grey.

These two traditional, neutral colors are winning the popularity contest over and over again. Why? Well, they’re both timeless and versatile. This means that whatever other colors, patterns, textures, or materials are changed and swapped around them, they will still coordinate well and look awesome.

Being timeless is another nice benefit. As fun as color trends are, when it comes to investing in your kitchen, most homeowners don’t want to pay for something that will be out of vogue in a year or two.

White and grey aren’t going anywhere.

Need More Color in Your Kitchen’s Palette?

This is where things get really fun.

To mix in a little extra color, try these tips on for size:

  • Paint the upper and lower cabinetry different colors. Something lighter up top and darker down bottom (typically) creates a nice, subtle contrast.

  • Get creative with your island. Painting this piece of kitchen real estate with a more vibrant accent color adds a delicious visual break from neutrals without too much risk.

  • Add a natural element! Offsetting your paint with wooden stools, chairs, open shelving, or a section of butcher block countertop creates a really beautiful effect.

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Talk To Your Local Kitchen Cabinet Painter About Your Goals

The very best way to lock in the right style for your home is to work with a local painter, and discuss your specific spaces. And, don’t forget to find more inspiration on sites like Houzz.com. Start on our page, if you’d like, and have fun finding your next great idea!

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