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Professional Cabinet Refinishing in Nipomo

There’s a lot to love about trendy painted cabinets, but that doesn’t mean that the stained look is out of vogue. In fact, many of our Central Coast clients ask us to either refresh their existing finish or start from scratch with a totally new style. We can match, mix, and apply whatever is needed to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

As a case in point, join us for a quick tour of a cabinet refinishing project we recently wrapped up in Nipomo, CA.

Stripping and Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets in a Beautiful Nipomo Home

So, how do you go from this...


To this?



  1. As a first step, we chemically stripped and removed all of the existing finish using a product from Jasco.

  2. Next, we invested time in thoroughly preparing the environment, masking and protecting all of the surrounding surfaces from potential overspray.

  3. One of our Crew Leaders, Jeremy, then used a cup gun (sprayer) to apply one coat of Mohawk BAC, an alcohol-based dye stain. This laid down the red background color that would allow for a smooth transition to the much darker final finish.

  4. Next, we applied an even coat of Sherwin-Williams’ Sher-Wood BAC alcohol-based wiping stain.

  5. This was followed by one coat of Sher-Wood Vinyl sanding sealer, and then two coats of Sherwood Conversions Varnish.

Each coat outlined in the steps above dried fully and was sanded before the next was applied. This was the only way to achieve such a depth of layered colors over blonde, maple cabinets without losing essential grain transparency.

They turned out beautifully, didn’t they?

Let’s Discuss Your Own Cabinet Painting or Refinishing Project

Our team here at Rogall Painting would love the opportunity to discuss your project goals, putting our craftsmanship to work for your home improvement needs. Contact us today!

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