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Ready to Build a Deck? Make the Most Of Your Design!

Decks not only offer all the value of being an extension of your home, but they also offer nearly unlimited design potential. Especially if you work with an experienced deck design and construction company, you have the opportunity to create a dynamic, versatile outdoor space that will perfectly meet your needs for decades to come.

The key is to start with a careful plan, evaluating all of your options and goals.

Research Deck Designs and Find What You Love

Sure, your deck will need to fit your home and adapt to your unique considerations, but there’s still no better way to start your project than by taking to the internet and researching what others have done. Utilizing a site like Houzz.com is valuable too, particularly since it allows for easy collaboration with your deck construction professional

Find what you love, save it, and share it!

What Do You Need From Your Deck?

Photo by Vidabelo Interior Design - More traditional deck photos

Decks can be a simple rectangle with enough space for chairs and a table, or they can be a multi-leveled outdoor paradise, decked out (literally) with a cooking space, pergola, seating, cover, etc... The choice is yours, and can largely be determined by what you really need from the space. 

Plan ahead and ask yourself if you’ll be cooking out there, entertaining, how many people you’d like to be able to hold, if you’ll have a container garden, or need room for a hot tub.

In other words, you don’t want to finish your deck building project and then suddenly wish you had done something differently.

How Big Should Your New Deck Be?

Photo by Evergreene Homes - Look for beach style deck pictures

It can help to think of your outdoor space in “zones,” or rooms with invisible walls.

For example, if you’re a big entertainer, consider how much room you need around the cooking area, the seating space, and how many people will be sitting around your table on a Saturday night. Dedicate enough square-footage to accommodate each zone.

Go with the Flow

Traffic flow, that is...

As you consider the size and zones of your deck space, remember to design it in a way that accommodates a flow of foot traffic. Walking into the table as you open your sliding door, for example, or needing to shuffle around the cooking space over and over again to get from one “zone” to another should be avoided.

Keep kids in mind too, if necessary. A direct line from the back door to the backyard can be helpful, as well as keeping higher-risk cooking spaces safely away from the main traffic route.

Which Deck Material Should You Choose?

This is something you should talk about extensively with your builder. Desired maintenance level, budget, and aesthetic considerations will all guide the conversation. Composite materials have come a long, long way and can provide a stunning, low-maintenance alternative to wood. There are wood options as well, however, that provide unparalleled performance, beauty, and enduring value. 

All of the pros, cons, and pricing need to be factored into your deliberations.

What Kind of Railing System Should You Choose for Your Deck?

Photo by - Look for contemporary deck design inspiration

Too many homeowners overlook this crucial decision.

Your railing choice is almost as important as the decisions you make about the deck itself. The level of safety you need, whether or not you have views to preserve/enhance, and your interest in cleaning/maintenance all need to be considered.

In fact, it’s so important that we dedicated a blog post just to this topic. Check it out here!

Step #1: Find a Deck Design and Construction Professional

You and your home deserve a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner in this fun process.

If you live in the Central Coast area, we hope you’ll contact us at Rogall Painting & Construction. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

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