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Repairing and Replacing a Water-Damaged Ceiling

When many of our friends and neighbors here in the San Luis Obispo County area hear the name Rogall Painting, they might think of us for our reputation as painters. That’s a huge part of what we do, but we also offer so much more.

Did you know that we have an entire construction division, dedicated to building and remodeling? From updating a kitchen to designing a custom deck or outdoor living space, the Rogall Painting & Construction team can do it all.

In this particular case, we would like to take you on a quick project tour of home we recently repaired (and improved!).

Water Damage Repairs and Restoration

A roof leak can be a catastrophic problem, often starting small enough to go undetected until the damage is extensive. Because of this, it’s wise to have an aging roof checked with some frequency, just for the purpose of catching avoidable damage and decay as early as possible.

Unfortunately, by the time we were called to this local home the water damage was extensive through the ceiling. With the source of the roof problem corrected, it was now time to turn our attention to repairing all of the impacted drywall and ceiling materials. 

Removing the Damaged Drywall 

Because moisture needs to be immediately removed to eliminate the risk of both spreading damage and mold, this required a thorough, comprehensive approach.




Installing a Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Not only was this an opportunity for completing a quality repair, but our client also upgraded their ceiling from drywall to a pre-finished tongue and groove product. Both practical and beautiful, the new surface creates a unique, rich, warm feeling throughout this open concept space. 



Contact Rogall Today for All of Your Painting and Building Needs!

We are here to serve you, keeping the process simple by offering diverse services in-house, handled by our own team of craftspeople. Contact us today to being discussing your own home improvement goals!

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