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The Rogall Way - A Different Kind of Painting and Construction Company

If you follow our blog articles, you may have noticed that we put a special emphasis on really educating our friends, neighbors, and clients here in the San Luis Obispo County area. We want your home improvement project to be a total success, whether you’re picking new colors, designing your dream deck, or finally remodeling your master bathroom.

All of this is connected to our goal of providing not just quality service, but also a unique, positive experience as a whole. Home improvement carries the stigma of being a stressful, overwhelming experience, and one in which it doesn’t always feel like you and your professional builder are on the same team.

We’re here to introduce a better way.

The Rogall Way - What Makes Us Different?


Here are a few of the key differentiators:

  • Comprehensive Services - We have teams specializing in painting, construction, and deck design/building. From exterior painting to designing an outdoor kitchen oasis, we can meet all of your needs clearly, simply, and in-house.

  • True Craftsmanship - Our team consists of dedicated employees who take pride in their work. We don’t just get the job done, but invest our reputation and name in every detail.

  • Repeat Service Is Our Goal - We want to win your trust and confidence, and be the first number you call for second and third projects, too.

  • Safety Is Our Priority - Rather than just view safe work practices as a rote series of boxes to check off, we have carefully built a culture of safety. Ongoing training, safety checks, huddles, equipment checks, etc... Read all about our unique culture of safety right here.  

  • Licensed and Insured - This is a non-negotiable sign that you are working with an established, reputable company. Unscrupulous contractors sometimes pay employees under the table in order to avoid the need to cover them with Worker’s Compensation insurance, but this ultimately puts YOU at risk for being held liable. All of our team members at Rogall are covered, and are legitimate, invested employees that we care about.

Finding the Right Building and Remodeling Professional Is Essential

You’ll never regret investing time in really researching your prospective painting or building company. This needs to be someone you trust, can partner with, and know will treat you and your home with integrity and respect.

If you live in the Central Coast, we hope you’ll contact us at Rogall Painting and Construction. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

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