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What Should You Consider Before Remodeling Your Living Room?

If you were to interview people on the street and ask what room comes to mind when you say “remodel,” you likely will hear “bathroom” or “kitchen” almost every time.

There’s a good reason for that. Kitchen and bath remodeling projects offer drastic transformations, pave the way for cool new features, and yield an attractive return on investment in most cases.

As fantastic as bathrooms and kitchens are, let’s break the mould today and talk about things to consider before you remodel another very important space: your living room.

Why Remodel Your Living Room?

If you’re already considering the project, you can fill in your own blank here. But, for most folks, the purpose behind the remodel is to expand and rethink the space where most of the life happens in their home. Whether you’re watching your favorite old movies or catching up with your favorite old friends, the living room is the place to be.

First Steps

Before anything else, develop your budget.

Closing out of the home design websites and picking up a calculator may not exactly be fun, but it will help you to establish what the scope of your project can include. Will it involve minor updates, or is making structural changes and adding custom design touches a possibility? Having a strict, realistic budget in mind will take a lot of stress and guesswork out of the equation, as well as help your home design and building professional know exactly how to maximize your options.

Next, consider your needs and how the space will be used. Are you a big entertainer? Do you have a large, busy family that will dictate the overall design? How much storage will you need?

Here’s a third tip: think long-term. It may be impossible to know exactly what the future holds, but you can look ahead and think through the possible needs of kids, grandkids, aging parents who may come and visit (or move in), etc.

Living Room Design Features to Keep in Mind

  • Layout - What is your style of entertainment? Intimate, or do you need room to spread out for those big parties you like to throw?
  • Use - Will your living room double as a guest room? If so, consider investing in a sleeper sofa, and be sure the room can be easily rearranged to accommodate the bed.
  • Storage - Could built-in shelving be a good space-saving option for you? This is also a stylish way to showcase photos, collectibles, and books.
  • What’s the focal point of the space? - For many, it’s the television. For others, it may be a fireplace, or a unique architectural element. The rest of the space can be designed to flow around that particular point.
  • Practical needs - How about outlets? Will there be a lot of need for charging and/or work stations? Be sure to consider the placement of outlets with your building professional.
  • Paint color - More than just the icing on the cake, the paint color you choose has the power to create a relaxing, stylish environment. Take your time with the selection process!

Research Your Ideal Living Room Design

Websites like Houzz.com are the best way to find, accumulate, and present your home design goals to your remodeling professional. Take a look at what others are doing, and don’t hesitate to steal ideas. Who knows? Someone might steal a living room design idea or two from you!

Until then, if you have any questions about your painting or remodeling project, we hope you’ll contact us at Rogall Painting. It would be a pleasure to serve you!

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