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Why Is Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets Such a Great Idea?

Kitchens are playing a more and more important role in the home today, and not just because they’re the place where the magic of meal-making happens (and where you can find your coffee every morning).

No, beyond all that, kitchens are also a place to showcase style, personality, and implement a design that matches your needs. Homeowners are also comfortable investing dollars into this particular room because of the high return on investment (the same is true of bathrooms). Upgrading features and materials just adds to the marketability and value of your property as a whole.

With that said, cabinet painting is becoming an incredibly popular option as homeowners like you look for economical ways to add customized beauty to their kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits below.

Why Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

  • Style - This may seem obvious, but painting your cabinets is a wonderful way to simply update your kitchen’s style. And, because your cabinets dominate so much real estate in the room, the update makes a drastic difference!
  • Cost - Compared to completely replacing your cabinets, painting is a very economical option.
  • Time Investment - The kitchen is a busy, central place, so having it knocked out of commission for an extended period of time is rarely easy. Painting can be done much more quickly, and it doesn’t involve the level of construction that a replacement does.
  • Customization - From painting just the island to adding unique finishes, the color combinations and possibilities are nearly limitless.

What’s the First Step In the Cabinet Painting Process?

First, get inspired! Take a look at what others are doing, and don’t be afraid to steal ideas. This is where a resource like Houzz.com becomes invaluable. As an example, follow this link: painted kitchen cabinets. From buttery, country-yellow to glossy black, there are countless examples. Don’t be afraid to look for a specific color too, like green kitchen cabinets.

Then, Find a Professional Cabinet Painter You Can Trust

Cabinet painting can be a do-it-yourself project, but we should warn you that there is a huge difference between painting and painting well! Investing in the care and skill of a local professional who can apply a smooth, even, durable finish is always the best option.

If you live in the San Luis Obispo County area, why not give us a call at Rogall Painting? It would be a pleasure to serve you!

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