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4 Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Every kitchen has its cabinets. Whether they’re base cabinets, wall mounted, or pantry cupboards, cabinets take up some important real estate in your kitchen. They’re the trusty compartments that keep your space looking clean and organized.

When it comes to paint options, some cabinets make an eye-catching difference in your kitchen, contributing fresh style and adding to your home’s value. Other cabinets are simply there, storing spices and old wine bottles. You use them, but you don’t notice them.

Improving Your Home’s Value With Modern Cabinets

As painting and home remodeling experts, we feel that every part of the home can be both functional and attractive. Kitchen cabinets are no exception. In fact, they’re one of the few places that offers the perfect perfect opportunity to achieve functional beauty in your home.

When it comes to cabinet painting, there are plenty of options and style guides out there. 2017 has been a great year for some interesting new color combinations to emerge, and we’ve put together a list of the top four trends.

The Latest Kitchen Cabinet Color Guidestained-kitchen-cabinets.jpg#asset:2395

  1. Modern White. This is one of the most popular color choices for cabinets today. Kitchens everywhere are going white. Fortunately, there’s no end to the shades of white you can choose. Whether it’s a pale grey or a bright, pure white, you can’t go wrong with this sleek modern option.

  2. Chic White with Stain. Another popular color choice that feels both classy and retro is white painted cabinets with a dark trim stain. This combination offers a dark bead of color around the raised paneling, highlighting the natural shadows. A creamy, flat paint finish covers the rest of the surface.

  3. Dark Wood Stain. For a while, natural woodgrain cabinets became less popular in the wake of laminate wood and particleboard cabinets. Because of that, cabinet painting took a rise. Finding naturally finished hardwood in kitchens is a treat, and these cabinets are becoming widely repopularized with dark wood stains.

  4. Accent Black. A fourth popular cabinet paint style is classic black. This option works best with a light colored kitchen that has few other bold colors to conflict with it. Black cabinets add beautiful texture against stainless steel sinks, marble countertops, and white walls.

Cabinet Painters and Installers in San Luis Obispo County

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