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Boosting the Appearance of a Commercial Building in Cayucos

It’s no secret that at Rogall Painting, we take the time to do every job right. It’s our thing, and the results always speak for themselves. For a recent commercial building on Ocean Avenue, this was no exception.

We got the call to perform an entire exterior repainting for this multi-story, residential-style structure. It was a building we had painted before, and they wanted a refresher to brighten the color and rejuvenate the surface of the wood.

Commercial Exterior Painting in a Coastal Climate

Maintaining the exterior of your commercial building is a necessity. It’s one of your most important assets, and if you’re not proactive, the dry climate will take its toll on your paint job.

It’s important for the health of your commercial building, and it’s also great for business! In this case, the building owners wanted to maintain the freshest possible appearance for their storefront. So, we set to work.

Commercial Painting, Done the Right Way


In commercial painting, just as in residential painting, there is a proper way to do things. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the job is done right from beginning to end, and that quality always pays off in the long run.

  • Power washing. Pressure washing is always a good idea in this region. It removes the peeling paint, while also cleaning the surface of sand and dirt, and preparing it for a new coat.

  • Priming. We primed any areas where bare wood had become visible, to protect it with a base covering before painting.

  • Painting. We applied fresh coats to the trim, facia, and siding of the entire building.

The business owners requested to keep their paint color the same as it was, so we matched their existing scheme of blue-gray siding with white trim. When all was said and done, the building received a quality facelift that will last them for many years to come!

Commercial Painting Services in Cayucos, California


If you’re looking for the best commercial painters around, search no further! In every aspect, from project preparation to paint selection, we have a reputation for quality service and long lasting results. Contact Rogall Painting with your commercial painting needs!

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