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Bringing Color to a Commercial Storefront in Morro Bay

A new business is opening up shop in Morro Bay, and we recently had the pleasure of preparing their storefront for opening day. The owners wanted to make their location stand out from the tan cinder block color scheme of neighboring shops. We set to work to ensure they had a clean, brilliantly colored exterior for their new business.

The Art of Painting for Businesses

When it comes to branding, every business has some kind of color scheme and visual style they like to promote. Whether it’s a printed flyer or a website, a company’s personality shines most strongly through powerful visuals.

Painting your place of business is no exception! You want to stand out from your competitors, and there’s no better way to do that than with some well-placed color.

Finding the Right Color Palette

Once you decide to have your storefront or the interior of your business painted, the next step is defining your color palette. There are different color trends for interior and exterior painting, and your paint choices can have an impact on how customers view your company.

In this case, the business owners decided to make a strong first impression with a bold exterior. We worked with a deep indigo, lime, and aquamarine. These colors represent a dark, a bright, and a soft shade. They work to complement each other while remaining consistent with the company’s color scheme.

Balanced, Not Busy

Finding that delicate balance between eye-catching and way too much color can be tricky. In this project, the storefront had all kinds of nooks built into the architecture, making it the perfect canvas to display different colors in a creative way.

We were able to achieve a compartmentalized balance of color, making the company stand out in a fresh way without being too loud or busy.

Value Your Painting Investment

The physical location of your workplace is a business asset. You want to treat your facility with care, demonstrating the value you place on both your company and the services you offer. That’s why seeking out professional commercial painters is the best option when it comes to investing in your company’s storefront and appearance. Plus, it beats the unnecessary hassle of trying to do it all yourself!

Need Your Storefront Painted in the Morro Bay Area?

Get in touch with your local painting experts, and let’s put your business on the map! Get an estimate today for all your commercial painting needs, both interior and exterior.

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