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Building a Patio Fence With Style & Privacy in Coastal CA

The Coastal suburbs can be a great place to live. The quiet streets and the convenient location near downtown entertainment spots are both ideal. These homes can be great for vacationing, renting out, or just plain settling down in. There is one area where they’re lacking, and that is privacy.

With such a tight layout of nearby houses, it can be difficult to establish your property lines or maintain the level of privacy you might want. Fortunately, installing a privacy fence might be just the solution you need.


Benefits of Having a Privacy Fence

  • One of the great benefits of having a privacy fence is the range of custom options. If you can picture it, it’s probably been done. Don’t believe us? Check out this top 25 gallery of creative privacy fences!

  • Beyond just serving as stylish property dividers, privacy fences serve an important purpose in close-knit neighborhoods. They instantly spruce up your curb appeal, while also sending the subtle message that your patio isn’t common property!
  • While you could always go cheap with a do-it-yourself freestanding option, it won’t last forever. Installing a quality, well-founded fence will both improve your property value and withstand the harsh weather.

Custom-Built Patio Fence Features

  • For this particular project, we began by setting posts around the perimeter of the client’s stone patio.

  • We designed the fence with a front and side gate for convenient access. The doors are fashionable and sturdy, secured with iron hinges and latches.

  • Each post is equipped with a lighted cap, providing both decoration and nighttime visibility.

  • For the panels, we used sanded cedar planks with a natural wood stain. The spaced verticals offer the perfect balance of privacy and style.

Need a Privacy Fence Installed in the Central Valley?

The experts at Rogall are skilled in both fence construction and installation. We can do it all, and we always build to last. Reach out to us today, and let’s discuss your patio fence needs!

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