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Doors and Decks: Dark and Stylish Exterior Staining

In a world of bright and beautiful paint colors, wood staining can sometimes get overshadowed. It’s always a treat to encounter classic hardwood doors and porches, perfectly preserved.

While paint has its place everywhere else, it’s hard to not respect the elegance of a dark woodgrain! These recent projects involve some specific restoration that will give you a better idea of what it takes to make your exterior hardwood shine.


Getting Raw Wood Ready for Stain

In the case of new construction or previously untreated wood, we always start with a quality wood brightener. This does a few things:

  • First, it neutralizes other cleaning chemicals that have been used on the wood.

  • Second, it restores the wood to a clean, bare state.

  • Lastly, it opens the “pores” in the wood’s surface, getting it ready for treatment.

While wood brightener can be used on decks that have been stained or treated in the past, we have a different process for resurfacing those doors or decks.


Prepping the Wood’s Surface: Off With the Old!

If the wood has been stained or laquered in the past, it can’t be treated until all the surface residue is removed.

  • First, we apply a combination of stain and sealant remover to eliminate the old surface treatment.

  • Next, we apply a form of wood brightener to clean the surface and prepare it for staining.

  • Once the wood is prepped and dried, it’s ready to fully absorb the new treatment. We apply coats of stain that sink beneath the surface, both sustaining and preserving the wood.


Deck Restoration and Staining in San Luis Obispo County

As you can see, there’s no better word for these before photos than “tired”! If you’re deck is looking pale, cracked, stained, or otherwise worn out, don’t hesitate to call the team at Rogall Painting!

When your deck goes untreated, not only is it not looking its best, it’s also susceptible to all kinds of weather damage. It pays to keep your deck clean, bright, and well-preserved!

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